Cutting Black Hair with Hair Clippers

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Published: 31st March 2011
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When considering how to cut and style black hair, it is wirth first noting that it is very different to cutting caucasian hair. In general black hair will be tougher and thicker and therefore is more difficult to cut through effectively. The first step to ensuring a high quality cut is to make sure that you have the correct pair of professional hair clippers. Now there are many clippers that will be suitable for both home and salon use, I will quickly detail a couple before going through the various cutting techniques.

I would usually recommend considering the Wahl range of hair clippers, such as the Magic Clip or Wahl Balding Clipper, as these have strong motors which will cut through hair that is thick, easier than other clippers. You will want a clipper to have a very strong motor in order to style hair quickly and easily, after all, you can't have your client sitting in the styling chair for too long!

Once you have the correct wahl clippers for clipping hair, the next thing to consider is the style that the customer is after. The most popular hairstyle at the moment, following current trend, is the 'fade' which is essentially a tapered haircut up the sides, ranging from completely bald to a slightly longer length where the head crowns, and usually trimmed short on top. In the eighties, the faded style was popular at the sides, with a longer cut on top, which was often styled with a flat top, hence the term flat-top.

In order to fade effectively,you begin at the nape of the neck with your hair clippers and fade the hair to a complete zero around the neckline, you can then flick the thumb taper lever on your wahl clipper, and begin to shave up the sides of the head, graduating the length so it is slightly longer than at the bottom. The next step is to take a grader attachment, usually 3mm or a grade 1 and taper the hair slightly higher up the head, blending it in to the bottom parts with your professional hair clippers, making sure that the haircut is nice and even. You can then attach the grade 2 comb, and shave right up to the crown of the head, before it flattens on the top, and blend it in to the previous 3 steps.

To finish off the fade hairstyle, you simply tidy up the top of the head and take it to the requisite length with your hair clippers, or leave it long and style with products. Hopefully this article demonstrates just how easy a fade cut can be.

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